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100 Word Challenge

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The challenge: 103 words including:

…beneath the surface

The Party

I watch her face as I endeavour to keep up the conversation, trying to salvage the right thoughts and words from the depths of my mind. From her facial movements and body language, I know what she’s thinking. She thinks I’m stupid and boring. The more she thinks it, the more I’m drawn to play into her view of me. She nods at my remark, but her mind is elsewhere, developing an escape strategy.

“Well, lovely meeting you,” she says. “Must move on.”

I hope my smile and raised shoulders portray the inevitableness of her action.

“Good riddance,” I say, beneath the surface.

100 Word Challenge

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The challenge: 104 words including:

the extreme weather meant

I’m throwing fiction to the elements this week. We had our extreme weather about a week before most of you.

So near and yet so different

In Tel-Aviv, the extreme weather meant flooding, road closures and terrible traffic jams.

In Modi’in, a shopping centre was flooded, giving rise to the picture of a restaurant, the diners with their feet in water, that appeared on Facebook. Another interesting picture compared the shopping mall to Venice. They did look rather similar.

In Jerusalem, the extreme weather meant a traffic shutdown, a welcome holiday, snowmen, snowballs and beautiful, silent whiteness. What a difference a few kilometres and a few hundred metres make!

A week later, we sat lazing on the grass in warm sunshine, not a trace of extreme weather in sight.

Frozen pond

Frozen pond

The challenge: 105 words including:

the notes from the piano….

I sat perfectly still, my eyes closed, my breathing steady, at once calm and excited by the notes from the piano. Amazing how just a few notes could warm my heart as they did. I smiled and opened my eyes to watch the performance, following the player’s fingers as they pressed and released the keys. I could see the concentration written on her face.

When she finished playing the piece, I clapped heartily. Then I went and hugged her.

“Well done! That was lovely,” I said. “I really enjoyed it.”

The first piece of music my daughter had learnt to play on the piano.

Ooh, I haven’t done this since week 62.

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The challenge: 105 words including:

…you said you’d do WHAT?….

I knew you would

“You said you’d do WHAT?”

“I said I’d ask you to play the fat controller in the school play.”


“You can put a pillow or something under a big waistcoat. The kids will have a riot.”

Still silence.

“Kevin’s bringing a top hat for you. You’ll look brilliant. It’ll be great fun.”

Silence again.

“It’s just a show. It’s acting. It’s not for real.”

More silence.

“It has to be you. You’re the only fat boy in the class. The part is made for you. It fits you to a… well, an S maybe. A big fat S. You’ll do it, won’t you?”


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The challenge: 105 words including:

…. it can’t be that time …..

Another One

Surely it can’t be that time again. Wasn’t it just yesterday or the day before that they congratulated me and gave me things and took me out for a meal and I put on a bright smile and said, “Thank you!” Where did all the time go? Has anything changed? Am I still the same? How can it all be happening again so quickly, exactly the same except for the number? One more. Each time, another one.

There was a time when I was proud of being able to add another one to the number. With any luck, there will be another time like that.

Thanks for reading this, but yesterday’s post was more interesting.

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The challenge: 100 words including:

…. I woke with another headache …..

Out with it

I woke with another headache. What’s happened to me? I never used to be an….

It started with just a small one to calm my nerves before something difficult like a job interview. Then that didn’t seem to help, so it became a large one. And not just before difficult situations but before any social situations – even a night out with the guys. One large one to calm me down before an evening of heavy drinking. One or two. Or three.

Say the words, you scaredy-cat. Say them out loud, slowly and clearly: I. never. used. to. be. an. alcoholic.

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The challenge: 104 words including:

 … as the apple fell …..

It’s time to return to the challenge and a timely prompt, as apple and honey symbolises hopes for a sweet year, which is what I hope for all my readers.

Sweet Dreams

As the apple fell from the tree, it wondered what would happen next.

Would it fall far from the tree?

Would it join other apples in apple-pie order or make up an apple-pie bed?

Would it be compared to oranges?

Would it be the apple of someone’s eye?

Would it upset the apple cart?

Would it become a bad apple?

Then it hit the ground. That was the last it knew. Just as well. A little boy found it and ate it all up. And that was the end of the apple.

Except for the core, from which grew a beautiful apple tree.

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