The challenge: to write 104 words including:

…. the line was drawn ….

Julia said this was simple, but I found it hard to decide what to write until I remembered the way we had to write up science experiments at school. And the green squiggly lines that appear whenever I use the passive voice.

The Experiment

Aim: To draw a straight line.

Tools: Pencil, paper, ruler, sharpener.

Method: The pencil was inserted into the sharpener and turned until it was sharpened. The paper was placed on a flat surface, the ruler was placed on the paper and the pencil was placed against the ruler. Keeping the pencil adjacent to the ruler, the line was drawn.

Result: The paper was found to contain a straight line.

Conclusion: It is assumed that a straight line can always be drawn in this way.

Evaluation: Passive voice has been used throughout this write-up. Unhappiness has been felt by a certain word processor.

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