100-word stories

100 Word Challenge – Week #72

Ooh, I haven’t done this since week 62.

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The challenge: 105 words including:

…you said you’d do WHAT?….

I knew you would

“You said you’d do WHAT?”

“I said I’d ask you to play the fat controller in the school play.”


“You can put a pillow or something under a big waistcoat. The kids will have a riot.”

Still silence.

“Kevin’s bringing a top hat for you. You’ll look brilliant. It’ll be great fun.”

Silence again.

“It’s just a show. It’s acting. It’s not for real.”

More silence.

“It has to be you. You’re the only fat boy in the class. The part is made for you. It fits you to a… well, an S maybe. A big fat S. You’ll do it, won’t you?”