About Me

Miriam Drori


I used to think I didn’t have an imagination. Now I write stories created by my imagination.

I used to be invisible to the outside world. Now I put myself out there and tell the world about those who are still invisible.

I used to be misunderstood. I’m still misunderstood, but hopefully a bit less than before. It’s so easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and much harder to listen and try to understand.

Joshua shouted for the walls of Jericho to come tumbling down. I shout for my walls to come down, and all the other walls. I don’t know if my voice is strong enough, but I’ll be happy with some chinks – the more the better.

Me and Jerusalem
Me and Jerusalem

Name: Miriam Drori
Profession: Author
Former professions: Computer programmer, Technical writer
Degree: BSc (Mathematics)
Lives with: Social anxiety
Place of birth: London, UK
Place of residence: Jerusalem, Israel
Family: married + 3


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6 replies on “About Me”

Sorry I didn’t reply to this before. It’s because I’m still thinking about it. Yes, we all want to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, we all have different ideas about what that better place looks like. Is there no other reason to write? Possibly.

Of course there is another reason to write – to escape. To create another world for us all to live within. To create a beautiful perfect world that we love.
Or to create a world that we know – in our subconscious, conscious mind. The world we exist in now, and change it to become the world we want it to be.
Sometimes we just want to scream and shout to tell everyone about our world. To say “Hey World! This is me. I want you all to know me. Be my friend”
There are more than 101 different reasons for writing. It would take up too much room to put them all here…
perhaps another blog post for another time….

Dear Miriam Drori,
I’m pleased writing helps you with your “social anxiety”, and trying to make the world a better place is great as well.
Why did the last sentence turn my thoughts to Donald Trump, Kim Jong Il, and my appalling ‘ice-addicted’ neighbours?
Good Luck to you there Miriam. I stumbled across your website as I was researching Nachlaot. I intend going there about this time next year when the weather is ‘cooling off’ a bit, as I’m 71 yrs, although I don’t “think old”.
I am nominally Christian, but “feel” Jewish in some way,(as my Grandad was one), so figured I’d better pop over there to “feel the vibe”, before it’s “clog-popping” time. (Hopefully far off, I’m in good health!).
I’ll try to find a nice AirBNB in Nachlaot/Rehavia’/ Mahane Market area.
I’m a single retired merchant seafarer, I live in Devonport Tasmania, (down near the South Pole, we all walk around here ‘upside down’ Ha! Ha!
Best Wishes to Yourself & Family, Cheers! Laurie

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