Passion and humour, shaken and stirred

Miriam Drori, author, editor and social anxiety warrior, worked as a computer programmer and a technical writer before turning her attention to full-time writing. Her novels and short stories cover several genres, including crime, romance and uplit. She has also written a non-fiction book about social anxiety. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies.

Born and raised in London, Miriam now lives in Jerusalem, where the cosy crime mysteries are set. She has travelled widely, putting her discoveries to good use as settings in her writing. Her characters are not based on real people, but rather are formed from an amalgam of the many and varied individuals who have embellished her life.


An’ de Walls came Tumblin’ Down

I used to think I didn’t have an imagination. Now I write stories created by my imagination.

I used to be invisible to the outside world. Now I put myself out there and tell the world about those who are still invisible.

I used to be misunderstood. I’m still misunderstood, but hopefully a bit less than before. It’s so easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and much harder to listen and try to understand.

Joshua shouted for the walls of Jericho to come tumbling down. I shout for my walls to come down, and all the other walls. I don’t know if my voice is strong enough, but I’ll be happy with some chinks – the more the better.

Name: Miriam Drori
Profession: Author
Former professions: Computer programmer, Technical writer
Degree: BSc (Mathematics)
Lives with: Social anxiety
Place of birth: London, UK
Place of residence: Jerusalem, Israel
Family: married + 3


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Me and Jerusalem

In Rhyme

I am – I am not

I am a wife.
I feel secure
With D in my life.
Long may it endure.

I am a mother.
Three children I raised –
Two sons and one other
Now adults. I’m amazed.

I am a sister.
Though he’s far away
With a different vista,
My family he’ll stay.

I am a dancer.
“How come you can?”
I don’t have an answer.
It’s just how I am.

I am a writer.
I hide away
And make my world brighter
With words I can’t say.

I am sensitive.
I fear that you see
All sorts of negative
Traits in me.

I am clever
Though most never know.
I hardly ever
Let that show.

My figure is trim,
Of that I am glad.
The battle to slim
I’ve never had.

I am outgoing.
“How’s that?” you ask.
That is by knowing
The other’s a mask.

I am a presenter.
My speech could reform
Your view. From the centre
I love to perform.

One thing I’m not
And I’ll continue to cry
Till the lie doth rot: