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The challenge: 107 words including:

 … would seven prove to be too much? …..

I found this one hard for two reasons. It was hard to think of a case when a number could be “too much” and not “too many”. Then it was hard to fit the prompt into the text. I think I succeeded in solving the first problem, but not the second.

Is seven too much?

She was looking in her purse. Tomorrow, I would take her back to the airport, and we could all relax. No more talk of good Uncle Ray, who miraculously came back from the dead to take her to the airport. Or Uncle Simon – the bad brother.

“I want to give some money to the children. Is seven too much?”

Seven hundred shekels each? How generous!

She started counting out coins and the penny dropped. Seven shekels each. Enough for a cheap pen or small bottle of cola. Yet she was right to wonder: would seven prove to be too much? “Keep the money for your next visit.”