Writing Awards



NaNoWriMo winner 2013

Twitter Awards

14 September, 2011. From @Soc_of_Authors for the last line in this story: I woke up on the floor of a strange bedroom, clutching a single bullet in my right hand. I couldn’t see any sign of a gun. The whispered smell of death filled my lungs. Sweet, tired, familiar. But the body I stared at didn’t rest. It twitched. I watched, repulsed, as three cockroaches climb out of the open mouth of the pretty girl. The mobile in her trouser pocket rang. ‘You’re next.’ The voice on the line was unmistakeable. Heart lurching, I headed for the door. It swung open before I reached it. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the stage. From the sea of clapping people came the instruction. ‘Sing.’ I took a deep breath.

10 February, 2012. From @Writers_Artists for this story: 20:30 “A thief! Brilliant disguise! Come in.” 23:30 “So, madam. You opened the door and welcomed him in. Is that right?”

Blogging Awards

Starting 2012. My previous blogging awards disappeared, unfortunately.


From Roland Clarke of Writing Wings


For my stories in which every sentence begins with the chosen letter

2015 A to Z Survivor

For my posts on writing historical fiction

From http://oawritingspoemspaintings.wordpress.com/

For my posts linking authors

A to Z (2013) Survivor

For my posts about memoir writing

Survivor of A to Z April Challenge 2012

For my posts about places in Jerusalem

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

From Rachael of Honest Speaks

From Rachael of Honest Speaks

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