A new year is dawning. Time to make changes.

I think I’ll be tweaking the appearance of my blog some more. I think it could be better, but at least it’s different.

What else is going to change? I was pleased to see I didn’t blog about new year resolutions last year, so I don’t have to blog about non-fulfilment of them. Next year, I won’t be so lucky because I’m going to list my resolutions here. What will I do if I forget to carry them out? Well… I could always delete this post later. Shh – don’t tell anyone.

This blog (as is now confirmed at the top of this page) is about writing and social anxiety, so my resolutions are, too.

My writing resolutions

  • Read at least one book every week.
  • Write something (chapter, ½ chapter, blog post, small stone) before accessing social media on every working day.
  • Work on WIP every working day until it’s finished.

My SA resolutions

  • Talk (offline) to someone outside the family every day.
  • Write an automatic thought log once per week.

Well, I’ve written them. I hope I can keep them up for a year.