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My Message

Sometimes, you begin to read a blog post and you know what your next post is going to be about. I just read Justin Dixon’s post: How to Find Your Message and Stand Out. In it, he writes:

Your message is the story that you tell people about your own life and theirs. It is a consistent message and it is your brand, and without a strong message your blog is going to just end up being a raindrop lost in the ocean.

I don’t need to find my message. I know it:

Many people, all over the world, suffer from social anxiety. If you’re not one of them, they need your help. They need support to break out of their walls, because it’s an extremely difficult process. You may not understand why it’s difficult. Take it from me; it is.

And another, related, message:

In most cases, social anxiety doesn’t need to happen. If people noticed the signs in time, that wall would never need to become so thick and strong.

That paves the way for at least two future blog posts:

  1. What you can do to help.
  2. The signs that should be addressed before they lead to something worse.

By Miriam Drori

Author, editor, attempter of this thing called life. Social anxiety warrior. Cultivating a Fuji, edition 3, a poignant, humorous and uplifting tale, published with Ocelot Press, January 2023.

2 replies on “My Message”

These messages are certainly very important,but I’d also like to read about your life and thoughts in general.

That wasn’t exactly the intention of this blog, but I write about my life and thoughts when they’re relevant to the blog.

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