“Pater” of Hasses aren’t only avocados sent me an email about my last post:

Very interesting largely because the fear you describe is something everyone feels just not all the time. For example meeting royalty or the big boss of your company would induce the same fear as you described in your fear of day to day dealings. I guess that makes the SA issue easier to understand for a non sufferer because it’s not outside their existence. What you suffer all the time, the non SA sufferer will suffer occasionally. Thanks for the enlightening post.

You’re welcome, Pater! Anything that helps others to understand can only be good.

Here’s another way I’ve heard it put. What’s the thing you’ve done that has scared you the most? Let’s say it’s standing on the edge of a cliff. Imagine standing there by yourself, looking all the way down to the sea, knowing that one wrong step will be the end. Imagine how you feel, your heart racing, your hands shaking.

Now imagine having to walk out and stand on that cliff for five minutes fifty times a day, every day of your life.