2015 Bloggers’ Scavenger Hunt – Take 1

Yesterday morning I attended my third scavenger hunt, organised by Israel ScaVentures.

Israel ScaVenturesAlthough the whole event took just two hours, I feel it needs at least two blog posts to do it justice. This one is about what we saw and learned.

Selfie by Yoni Cantor Wiseman

This year’s hunt took place in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Yemin Moshe. The location was very significant for me because we lived there for thirteen years. It’s one of the first neighbourhoods to have been built outside the city walls. I have blogged about Yemin Moshe several times. Here’s the list, if you’re interested:

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So obviously I knew all there is to know about Yemin Moshe. Wrong. I discovered plenty from the scavenger hunt. The Lion Fountain, we read from the excellent Mission Pack, was donated to Jerusalem by Germany in 1989 and each part of it symbolises something.

I heard a third reason why the windmill was hardly used, on top of the two I mentioned here: it was designed to work with British wheat and was not suitable for the hard wheat of Jerusalem.

And there was plenty more fascinating information, all absorbed in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

Other posts about the hunt can be found at:

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Handmade in Israel – the most detailed post.

If you’re in Jerusalem, Israel ScaVentures is a great, fun way of learning about this special city.

Photo by Yoni Cantor Wiseman
Photo by Yoni Cantor Wiseman
Israel Social anxiety

Scavenger Hunt

That’s me on the left – with Robin, Myriam and Lisa

A common feature of social anxiety involves the person worrying so much about an event beforehand that they do their best to avoid it. Fortunately, or otherwise, I’ve never done that. I’ve explained my behaviour by saying that my desire to be with people is greater than my anxieties. I could also explain it as stupidity. Why else would I keep coming back for more?

That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the Scavenger Hunt that I attended on Friday in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Most of it was fun and I enjoyed meeting all the other participants. I was also amazed to discover how much there is to see in such a small area, and how much I’ve missed, despite having been there many times before.

What was hard was answering the questions, especially the ones that required opinions, but fortunately the other members of my team made up for my shortfalls.

I won’t go into detail about what we saw, because that has been done excellently by Lisa and Amit and Hadassah and Sharon.

As I’m sure you won’t have my problems, I can heartily recommend going on a scavenger hunt instead of an ordinary tour. If you’re planning a visit to Jerusalem, here’s the place to find out more information.