A Blog Award

Many thanks to Karen Gowen who has given me my first ever blog award. And very pretty it is, too. I’m delighted.

Now for the more difficult part. Five fascinating things about me. Hmmm…

  1. I have bunions and flat feet.
  2. I’m in the second half of my first century.
  3. I’ve lived about three fifths of my life outside my country of birth.
  4. I love to dance Рin the centre, with everyone watching me.
  5. I’m an extrovert, but most people I know wouldn’t agree with that.

And five bloggers who deserve to receive this award. I’ve tried to choose bloggers who haven’t received so many awards that their reaction is no longer, “How lovely!” but rather, “Not again!”

In no particular order:

  1. Jean Davison, who went through hell and came out smiling, and who should blog more often ūüôā
  2. Mapelba, who highlights fascinating scenes from her life and always sets me thinking with the questions she poses.
  3. Jon’s Mom, who explains social anxiety amazingly well and should also blog more often.
  4. Elisabeth, for whose blog this award is probably too trivial.
  5. Hasses aren’t only avocados, because it’s FUNNY.

Happy blogging!

EDIT (3 March, 2010): The Jon’s Mom blog is now here.