Social anxiety

A to Z Challenge: W is for WEIRD

What would you think if you saw a grown man hugging a teddy bear in a train? Would you think it was weird? What would you do about it?

I would think it was weird. I would wonder what problems this man has that cause him to do something most adults grew out of long ago. I certainly wouldn’t do anything. Why should I?

Someone in the train with this man hit the teddy in the face. The man burst out crying.

The man suffers from acute anxiety. In this case, his anxiety was intensified by the fact that the train was delayed at a station for nine minutes. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know enough to even attempt to understand. When his anxiety escalates, it comforts him to hug the teddy.

Why do people who don’t understand have to interfere? Why can’t they leave others alone?