Apologies, dear readers

I know, I haven’t written much stuff on this blog lately. It’s not that I don’t have stuff to write, but I’m only one person. There’s only so much I can do.

I hope you’re enjoying my series: Letters from Elsewhere. I’m amazed how varied the posts have been so far: serious, humorous, heart-breaking. On Friday, you will hear from Leah, who would never normally write a letter to any of you, but has stepped out of my novel, Neither Here Nor There, to do just that.

I’m also on Cathie Dunn’s blog today, discussing the setting of Neither Here Nor There.

And there’s an excerpt from the novel on Claire Stibbe’s blog.

And don’t forget my posts about living in Israel in the English Informer.

I’m off to enjoy another festival: Succoth, which I wrote about four years ago.

Hag sameach – happy holidays!


Blog Hop, Stage 2

I’ve jumped from Northern Ireland to Scotland. Today I’m visiting Cathie Dunn, author of historical fiction and romantic adventure.

You can find out more about the background to my novel here.

Here’s my schedule so far:

18 June Catriona King My Route to Publication
20 June Cathie Dunn The Background to my Novel
22 June Sarah Louise Smith Arranged Marriage

Watch this space for updates.