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Booths and Tales

If you wandered around towns in Israel this past week, you will have seen strange constructions dotted around, fitted into every possible space – on the ground and on balconies. They’re temporary dwellings to remind us of similar dwellings in which the Children of Israel lived during the forty years that they wandered through the desert.

Yes, it was the festival of Succoth, during which Israelis, religious and secular, honour the tradition of building, eating in and sometimes sleeping in booths. I was lucky enough to be invited to eat in the Sukkah of David and Ruth:

In this wonderfully-decorated sukkah, I was treated to a delicious vegetarian meal and delightful company.


In other news, the Society of Authors has now made a recording of the Twitter story, for which I contributed the last line – read by a real actor. Here it is:

By Miriam Drori

Author, editor, attempter of this thing called life. Social anxiety warrior. Cultivating a Fuji, edition 3, a poignant, humorous and uplifting tale, published with Ocelot Press, January 2023.

8 replies on “Booths and Tales”

What a beautiful Sukka and such beautiful Sukkees. I hope that Gilad Shalit was also able to celebrate freedom too in his home.

But where was Daisy? 🙂

Hi Deb – thanks for popping in. Daisy was of course part of the delightful company. And Gilad shalit was of course part of the conversation.

Gorgeous photo..thank you….not quite as good as being there, obviously, but very atmospheric. Well done, Ruth, David, Daisy, for creating such a lovely space. And Bill Nighy! Almost my favourite actor and voice….what a treat tonight, Pamela

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