I’m No Botanist

Last month, when I wrote this post, I made two mistakes. I said we have no almond tree in our garden and I said almond trees always blossom on the festival of Tu B’Shvat and there didn’t appear to be any near our house.


The almond trees blossomed late this year, or Tu B’Shvat was early, or both. There has been plenty of almond blossom around here for the past couple of weeks.

There is an almond tree in our garden, it turns out, and now that the blossom has nearly all gone, I’ve got round to taking a photo.

Plum blossomNo, not that. That’s part of a plum tree.

Almond blossomYes, that. At least, I think that’s an almond tree. So much for my foray into botany!

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the excellent writing workshop I attended yesterday, when I’ve worked out what I want to say about it. At least writing is something I know a little bit about.