Sorry to have been awol. I’ve been thinking about Erika’s comment:

I’m wondering how SA and being a mom go together. Sometimes moms have to defend their children in different [social] situations so the children feel someone is backing them up when an injustice happens to them. Avoiding this kind of sometimes unpleasant social contact may cause problems with the child. And also, at what age children of SA moms become aware of this and what is their reaction.

The best way to answer this would be to use my personal experience. I had to think about whether I wanted to do this. While I decided a while back to take the plunge and be open about who I am, I don’t think it would be right to expose my family. So I’m going to try to answer Erika in a general way, based on comments I’ve read from others in this situation.

It’s very hard to generalise, though. Many women are scared of their ability to function as mothers and often decide not to find out. Or they worry that their offspring will suffer from similar problems to theirs and therefore decide not to have any.

But being a mother might force a woman out of her safety zone. Things she might avoid doing for herself she will do to protect her child. So, having children can be very helpful for the mother.

I think children will always have been aware in some sense. They will meet friends’ mothers and notice differences. I’m not sure it’s possible to generalise about their reaction. I suppose their reactions would depend on the type of people they (the children) are. I’m faltering here. Can anyone else throw any light on this?