Did I do that, too?


The other day, I happened to follow a link to something on the CNN website: 43 weird things said in job interviews. I found the weird things very funny. Except for one of them. In answer to, “Use three adjectives to describe yourself,” the interviewee said, “I hate questions like this.”

I didn’t laugh at that one. I stared at the screen askance. Oh my God! Did I say that? Well, I might have done. But, if I said it, I didn’t mean, I hate you for asking that question. I meant, I hate having to answer that question, because I tend to underrate myself and because I can’t think straight at interviews. The three adjectives that spring to mind now are: quiet, nervous and weird, although, given some more time, I could come up with intelligent, meticulous and friendly. At an interview, I probably wouldn’t be able to answer at all.

At this point, I could continue to talk about job interviews, or I could continue down a different path, and, as job interviews are not a happy topic as far as I’m concerned, I’ll move on to the other.

So, you’re talking to your mother-in-law and she complains about someone who was rude to her. What’s your first thought? I know what mine is: Oh dear, maybe I’ve behaved in that way, too.

A colleague tells you he’s just been dismissed. What do you think? I think: If he’s going, surely they’ll get rid of me, too. Whatever he’s done, I must have done.

Do you do that, too?


By Miriam Drori

Author, editor, attempter of this thing called life.

4 replies on “Did I do that, too?”

I have a different take on this. I read the statement on the image (I’m good at my job…)and it brought to mind all those occasions when people say I have done something well, and I try to say that it wasn’t me. I fear being found out and wanting. So I would need a statement ‘I’m not good at my job even if you think I am.’

Oh, I so do that too. And who likes questions like that? But today in my class I asked my students what their talents were. I found it interesting that the young people (in their early 20s) couldn’t answer me and claimed to have no talents. The older people (in their late 30s/early 40 I think), had answers. Maybe it takes time to feel comfortable answering these questions?

It’s interesting that you posted that on my birthday. I could claim to be 28, but I’m actually twice that. Still getting to know myself, though.

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