Il Vittoriale degli Italiani

I only spent a week in Italy, but I still haven’t got back to normal. Perhaps that’s good, but I really ought to start doing lots of things.

A wonderful time was had by all four of us. One thing I didn’t do was to learn any Italian. At breakfast on the first morning, there were boiled eggs with eggcups available. I wanted to know whether the eggs were soft (requiring the use of an eggcup) or hard (enabling me to peel the whole thing and eat it on the plate). I held my egg up to the waitress and asked, “Is it hard or soft?” It turned out she didn’t understand, so she went to ask the receptionist for a translation. When she returned, she said, “Egg.”

To sum up: Lake Garda is beautiful, but so are the lakes in Switzerland and they’re easier to visit. Venice is special, unique, amazing. If you haven’t been there, why not?