A-Z Challenge: R is for…

Reunions for Reflective Research

What research do we have to do for a memoir? Isn’t it just something we write from memory?

Well, not exactly. We may have to research historical information to make sure it fits our narrative. We may have to research the lives of our parents or other family members.

And we may need to research just to jog our memories. Maybe others can remind us of long-forgotten events. What better place is there to do that than at a reunion, where participants naturally reflect on their common past?

Apparently I’m going to a school reunion in August. After struggling with the question of whether to go, I do seem to be headed in that direction. (I’ve attended two previous school reunions, and they weren’t easy, despite the fact that all the women were very pleasant.)

Now I have to answer another question. Do I want to ask people to relate everything they remember about me for the purpose of my memoir?

I think the answer is yes, but I’m still a bit worried. Is there anything they might say that I don’t want to hear? I don’t think there is. I certainly can’t think of anything specific. But I’m not sure.

What would you do?

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