Dear Agony Aunt

I don’t know what to do and I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve been with my partner for four years. It’s been wonderful to have him by my side, supportingĀ and encouraging me, urging me on. But recently he hasn’t been around so much. And sometimes we arrange to go out and he cancels at the last minute. I miss his support and encouragement. So I’m thinking of looking for someone else online, either instead of my partner or in addition to him. Is this a good idea?

Actually this is about my writing group. (If my husband is reading this, you can relax now.) I’ve been going to it for four years and it’s been wonderful. Some members have come and gone, while two others and the mentor have stayed. But sometimes people can’t come. Sometimes I can’t come. So we reschedule the meeting or postpone it. When this happens at the last minute, because someone can’t make it and we don’t have the quorum of three members plus the mentor, I get frustrated. The group forces me to write. If we don’t meet, it’s hard to continue. And I want to write more, not less.

I don’t think there is a similar English-speaking writing group in Jerusalem, so I’ve been wondering about online groups. Are they a good idea? How do you find them and how can I find one that suits me? I know I’d miss the social aspect of our fortnightly meeting if I left my groupĀ and wonder whether I could manage to belong to both.

Does anyone have any advice? ~Frustrated Writer