SIM Talks with Miriam

Introducing a New Series


It’s 2019 and time for something new on this blog. New and old. I’ve veered away from the topics of this blog lately, but will be getting back on track with SIM Talks (hashtag: #SIMTalksWithMiriam).

Each week, on Friday, I or a guest blogger will talk about one (or more) of three topics:

  • Social anxiety
  • Israel
  • Misunderstandings

The talk can take the form of a written piece or a video. It can be about anything connected to one or more of the three topics except for politics and any sort of intolerance. (I’ve never encountered intolerance on this blog, but wanted to make that clear.)

If you want to take part, please let me know via Contact me above or Twitter or Facebook.

Next week’s post is by Jess B. Moore, author of The Guilt of a Sparrow and Fierce Grace.

Let’s make 2019 a year of more understanding, empathy and compassion.
Different ≠ Wrong.


Letters from Elsewhere

Letters from ElsewhereYou’ve always felt lost on Fridays, haven’t you? You wandered around aimlessly, frantically searching for an excuse not to do cleaning or ironing or some other chore.

Well, search no longer. Here, on this very space, every Friday, characters will pop out of fiction to talk to you about… anything. And then they’ll hasten back again, so that you can see them in their worlds when you buy the books they come from. All you have to do is to come along to this blog and read what they have to say.

When does all this start? Next Friday, 4 September. Where? Right here. I’m looking forward to it.