2015 A to Z Challenge: I is for IDEAS, IMAGES and IMAGINATION

A-Z Challenge 2015You start with ideas. A period in history, a place, an event plants an idea in your mind. How do you make it lead to a novel?

You start to research. Images form in your mind. You see a captain standing on the deck of a ship, his blond beard flying in the wind*. You know what he’s wearing – coat, boots, hat. You know what he has in his pockets. You live most of your life along with him and all the other characters.

Then, when you know all your characters well enough, you use your imagination to weave a story around them.

Story weaving
Weaving a story around the characters




Who is this woman?

I’m going to ask you to use your imaginations. We all have them. (I used to think I didn’t have one and didn’t know how to be creative, but I was wrong.)

Here is a photograph of a woman:


(It’s actually a photograph of a photograph. You can see the photographer reflected in it.)

What do you think this woman is like? What does she do or say or eat for breakfast? No, never mind the last one. Please write anything that comes to mind in the comments.

I will reveal all in my next post. For now, I’ll just say that this isn’t someone close to me and nothing you say will distress me.