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100K100DaysI seem to keep signing up for writing challenges. Maybe, eventually, I’ll manage to write the required number of words!

So this time it’s 100K in 100 days organised by Sally Quilford. If I write a thousand words every day from 1st January, I will have succeeded in the challenge. IF.

Up to now, I’ve realised, I haven’t planned enough in advance of the challenge’s start date, so I’ve been thinking about it and this is the plan so far:

  • Novel in progress. There are several scenes I want to add for this second draft. Hopefully that will make up the 17,000 words that it needs.
  • Short stories. There are seven in various stages of planning (mostly only a sentence each). If each story is 2,000 words, that’s 14,000 words.
  • Blog posts. Yes, we’re allowed to include blog posts this year – as long as they’re not the what-I-had-for-breakfast type. Mine never are. I wouldn’t bore you with porridge, toast, butter, avocado, coffee and the occasional egg that tries to be soft-boiled. I have two planned. Blog posts, that is. Let’s say 1,000 words each. 2,000 words.
  • Once a week, I’m going to go out to a cafe or a park or somewhere else and describe what I see (and hear, smell, taste, feel). 100 days = 14 weeks. 14,000 words.
  • Hopefully those descriptions will spawn some short stories. 10 x 2,000 = 20,000 words.

So that’s 17K + 14K + 2K + 14K + 20K = 67,000 words. Hmm. I might start rewriting my NaNo novel. And I’ll probably think of other blog posts over the three-and-a-bit months. That should do it. Hopefully.

How about you? You can join, too. 🙂