Eleven Years

11 Years Old

This blog has been going for ELEVEN years. The very first post went like this:

Speech is Silver; Silence is…

…not golden. Just a fake gold that soon dulls.  Like the necklace I bought in Cyprus. They told me it was gold. I knew they were lying, but I bought it anyway. I felt I had to buy something because they gave me tea….

I’ve been keeping silent for most of my life. It’s time to talk.

So tune in again, keep in touch and don’t suffer in silence.

A lot has happened to me in those eleven years.

I began the blog anonymously, and eventually admitted to being me. I was afraid of negative comments, but so far there haven’t been any.

I’ve had short stories and four books published.

And I talk – not so much in conversations, but through my books and even in presentations. Slowly but surely, I’m telling the world about social anxiety.

Miriam Drori - Presentation on Social Anxiety

If any of that sounded familiar, it’s because I wrote the same last year. But here’s the difference. I’m about to make major changes – to the blog, to my books, to my stories and more.

Watch this space!