Spring Has Sprung

And everything is good… well almost everything.

Plum tree
Plum tree

Blossom is everywhere.

Blossom in park

It’s getting warmer. Warm enough to sit outside in the sun. But not so warm that I search for shade… except on days when it’s extra hot. The weather can’t be trusted at this time of the year, but that gives us variety that vanishes in the summer.


This hyacinth branch was falling off, so it’s now indoors and its fragrance is exquisite. By the way, in Hebrew hyacinth is yakinton, a word that always reminds me of ‘mackintosh’ but actually has the same root as ‘hyacinth.’

I can’t say I’ve started the spring cleaning, but I’ve started thinking about it. Maybe today….

There is one thorn in my rose. Someone I see regularly has decided to stop talking to me and I have no idea why. (It’s OK – she’s very unlikely to see this blog.) I wonder what’s the best response to it. I could write to her and explain how I feel. I could talk to her normally and pretend to ignore her curt behaviour. What do you suggest?