The Power of Belief

Introducing a New Series

Can belief make things happen?

My new novel, Style and the Solitary, is the story of Asaf and Nathalie. Everyone believes Asaf is guilty apart from Nathalie. She is sure he’s innocent and, spurred on by her confidence in him, he gradually changes and opens up.

The Power of Belief will be my 2021 blog theme. Do you have a story in which someone’s belief that something can happen has made that dream come true? It can be a personal account, or one you’ve heard about. It can be made up, from a story you wrote or one you read.

From next Friday, and every Friday for as long as it lasts, I will post these stories here on my blog. Do contact me if you want to take part. First up next week is crime writer, Val Penny.


Style and the Solitary will be published by Darkstroke on 26th April. The ebook can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.