Social Media Pitfalls

We whizz through Facebook liking, commenting and sharing. When we like and comment, and particularly when we share, we might think for a second whether what we’re sharing is really what we want our friends to see, but more than a second just isn’t available. So we hit Share and hope for the best.

Some time ago, someone unfriended me for a video I shared. It was a video that showed up some lies. Possibly it went too far in the other direction. The fact is, I didn’t think about it too much until it happened. Fortunately, she changed her mind later.

It’s happened again, but this time it’s nothing to do with me. Someone blocked someone else for sharing a photo created by a far right group. The poster doesn’t support the group and didn’t think about the significance of posting the photo. The other person could have discussed the problem rather than blocking.

Is blocking ever the right reaction? I think it is if someone is constantly posting stuff you don’t want to see.

And when else? When is blocking right and when is it not right? What do you think?