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Letters from Elsewhere: Rosamund Davis

How I wish I had known you in life, that I could have walked with you, talked with you. There is so much I want you to know… and much that I hope you never know.

Letters from Elsewhere

Since beginning this series of posts, I’ve been visited by people from the near and distant past, people from the present and the future, people from real and made-up places, and someone who appears to have been visited by ghosts. But today’s visitor gives a new meaning to “elsewhere” since she has come from beyond to write to her (living) great-granddaughter. As you’ll see, Rosamund has some important advice to impart.

Dear Ruby,

Shani-EveHow I wish I had known you in life, that I could have walked with you, talked with you. There is so much I want you to know… and much that I hope you never know. My daughter, Sarah, your grandmother, has done a wonderful job in raising you, ensuring, just like I did with her, that you realise how strong the light is, how pure, that the roles we undertake to live are just that: roles. We are players on a stage, some of us in the guise of villains, some of us far less colourful than that! She has taught you that we come from source and go back to source, no matter what deeds we’ve carried out on this earth, that there is rehabilitation but not condemnation, we are part of a whole and must therefore return no matter how meandering our route. That is the human journey.

But what of beings that were never human? Beings that your mother, Jessica, conjured, that almost destroyed her, destroyed you too. Creatures so base that the light cannot touch them. Ruby, these are what I’ve spent a lifetime studying: how they can affect us, how they are waiting, always waiting, to taint our very souls, to drag us deep into the darkness with them. The things I’ve seen, Ruby, oh, the things I’ve seen… The darkness is tempting. I know that. I’ve stared into the very depths of it. It promises us so much whilst delivering nothing. And if we’re frightened of it, it can feed on that fear, devour us. How insidious the darkness is! It creeps in and takes us over bit by bit; it destroys what we really are. But what you are is good, Ruby, remember that, your gift is great, far greater than my gift or your grandmother’s or your mother’s, which is also what makes it dangerous. The darkness has marked you, ever since you were a little girl, and I know how you struggle against it – still struggle, despite having faced it. You suspect it’s not over. And you’re right. Some things are never over. Don’t relax your guard, and keep those you love close – Theo, Ness, Corinna, Cash and Jed – they are your strongest allies and you will need them, all of them.

How I wish I could stand by your side, lend you whatever strength and wisdom I possess. But this is your path and all I can do is watch as you walk down it. But I will keep watch. I promise. And I will pray that you make the right choices, that the darkness doesn’t overwhelm you. Stay safe, darling.

Your loving great-grandmother,


Thank you, Shani Struthers, for letting Rosamund make this brief appearance in our life.

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By Miriam Drori

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I’ve read all 3 of the Psychic Surveys books and enjoyed them all. It’s interesting having Rosamund’s opinion on Ruby’s powers and seeing where Sarah learned about the light and dark from.

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