NaNo-2015-Winner-CertificateYes, I’m happy to be able to say I wrote 50,000 words during November. I also met some lovely writers and enjoyed writing not only at home but also at cafés, in a large hall and on a boat!

WritingOnBoatInJaffaNovember was also a month of many stabbing attacks and other terrorist attacks, and unfortunately this latest wave isn’t over yet. Despite the news, we continued to go out and meet each other. It’s not that we’re not afraid; just a sense that life has to go on regardless.

So now December is here and I have to do all the things I postponed in November and much more. I listed just some of my to-do list in my post in The English Informer.

Don’t forget to read my Friday series: Letters From Elsewhere, in which you can get to know the fictional characters who come to visit. There might be a problem with tomorrow’s post; we shall see.