I’ve gone and done it again

Yes, I signed up for 100k in 100 days, another initiative by Sally Quilford. Can I write one thousand words a day for  a hundred days? I didn’t quite manage it last time, when I only had to write 80k in 80 days, so what makes me think I can do it this time?

Well, not a lot. But one thing I decided last time was that I need to do more planning beforehand. So now I have 21 days to plan. It doesn’t have to be a novel. It can be short stories or even non-fiction, but not a blog post on my own blog.

Any ideas? No, I think I have to come up with the ideas. Now where did I put that thinking cap?

By Miriam Drori

Author, editor, attempter of this thing called life. Social anxiety warrior. Style and the Solitary, edition 2, murder mystery set in Jerusalem, published with Ocelot Press, October 2022.

5 replies on “I’ve gone and done it again”

take a word at random from a dictionary in Hebrew and English and try writing something around that – sometimes the Hebrew world will do it and other times the English word will do it? I do not know…I am no good at challenges like that and do not always have time to write. Good luck!

Thanks everyone. Cat: good idea. I think I will do stories round single words. Rosalind: I don’t have any plans for a novel just now, unless I get an idea that grows into a novel….

So it looks as if it’ll be short stories and non-fiction. Guest blog posts (that is commissioned posts for a blog that is not my own) also count. So if anyone is interested in a guest blog from me….

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