For three of our days in Italy, we rented a car. Hubby did all the driving. He prefered it that way and we didn’t go for long distances.

On the first journey, still in the airport car park, he looked everywhere for the handbrake and couldn’t find it. It seemed that the handbrake was automatic. We didn’t even know of the existence of automatic handbrakes, but somehow it worked. Fine.

We spent a few days without a car before returning to our own car with its normal handbrake. Yesterday, hubby went out for a short drive. It wasn’t the first time he’d driven since our holiday. He parked the car in our carport and was in our house, a few minutes later, when he heard a lot of hooting.

Fortunately, he went out to investigate. Our car was blocking the road!

He’s never left the handbrake off before. We think there could be some connection with that rented car.