Nicola Morgan is someone who knows how to ask the right questions. (Gill is another.)

About my two years of blogging, she asked, “Have you enjoyed it?”

I didn’t know how to answer that at first. I know it’s been a positive experience. I know the things I worried about when I began it – criticism, ridicule, disregard – didn’t happen.

But have I enjoyed it? Yes. I’ve enjoyed connecting with people through my blog. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed meeting up with two of those people in real life. One of them, Cathy Walter, I met for the first time. The other, Erika, knew me but didn’t know me – not the real me. I do hope to meet more of my online friends in real life, because I enjoy doing that.

I think we should all be clear about what we enjoy, because:

Enjoyment is what life is for.

That and helping others to enjoy life.