A day in Ullapool without walking. Visits to the museum and book shops. Delightful.

The next day we do the Mellon Udrigle walk, which leaves us plenty of time to sit and watch boats tracing paths far below.

In the evening we make a quick stop to see the Corrieshalloch Gorge and its suspension bridge. Like all the other tourists we see there, we walk quickly, covering our bodies as much as possible. Midges again.

Later, we have to make a decision. Tomorrow is our last opportunity to take the ferry to the Isle of Lewis so that we can do the walk D has read about on the following day. The walk is through isolated countryside far from any road. The weather might not be perfect. Do we really want to do it?

We decide to go for it. It’ll be something different to end our holiday together. Little do we know what we’re letting ourselves in for.


Looking up the Corrieshalloch Gorge bridge, I discovered that it was closed due to safety concerns shortly after we crossed it. Fortunately, we’re still here.