A bit of a laugh

Warning: This post is not to be taken seriously.

I’ve been rather serious of late. It’s time for a bit of fun before I write about the next topic I promised. Don’t be put off by this seemingly serious question: Why do we vote for certain politicians? We like to think it’s because we agree with their policies, but is that always true? Sometimes, politicians don’t seem to have any policies and yet we still vote for them. Sometimes, it’s because of their looks. Sometimes, it’s because of their ability to talk, even when they have nothing to say.

Just now, where I am, it seems there’s another reason. We voted for a politician because we like to laugh at his wife. Because she says the most outrageous things. I can’t think of any other reason. So I’ve written an ode to her.

Sarah, this rhyme is to show we adore you,
Almost as much as we abhor you.
Whenever we’re feeling a little sad,
When the world is against us and thinks we’re bad,
We rush to turn on the TV
And on the screen we hope to see
Your shining face with its ready smile,
So confident and full of guile.
We don’t mind hearing you’ve overspent
On luxury hotels, hairdressers and scent,
Although the silver on your table
Comes from our hard work – those who are able.
Your soul we revere and adulate.
You are the mother of our state.

For the background, see this.

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Writing or Word

Just a little thing I wrote a while back in response to a challenge.

Top Ten Reasons I’d Rather Be WRITING Than Messing Around with Microsoft Word

Writing is fun; Word makes you run.
Writing’s creative; Word – frustrative.
Writing brings in dough; Word brings woe.
Writing tugs; Word has bugs.
Writing makes you feel; Word makes you reel.
Writing is style; Word – just a file.
Writing makes you think; Word makes you blink.
Writing’s amazing; Word leaves you blazing.
Writing, you can fly; Word – you cry.
Writing is gold; Word leaves you cold.


The voice in my head

The voice in my head shouts out loud,
But its sound isn’t heard by the rest of the crowd.
The voice in my head speaks in no tongue,
And yet its caustic words have stung.
The voice in my head says I’m stupid and dumb.
The voice in my head says I interest no one.
I try to tell it it’s got it all wrong,
But the voice in my head just sounds the gong.
“Go back,” it says, “and hide away.
Nobody wants to hear you today.”

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What I didn’t do on holiday

Touch a computer,Tiger
Become a tutor,
Lose weight,
Smash a plate,
Go to a dance,
Take a chance,
Climb the Eiger,
See a tiger,
Live in a hovel,
Write a novel,
Or even a short story, a flash or a twenty-five worder,
Or a rhyme that sticks to rhythm or order.

But I did have a great time. And I thought a bit about the novel I want to write and where I want this blog to go. More next time ….

Now I’m off to find out how everyone has managed without me.

Blogging Books Rhymes


Walking in Switzerland

A time to walk.
A time to talk.
A time to look.
A time to read a book.
A time to write.
A time to be bright.
A time to relax.
A time to make tracks.
A time to unwind.
A time undefined.
A time to think.
A time to drink.
A time to eat.
A time to treat

So, we’re off for a well-earned holiday. Well-earned by my better half, that is. I’m tagging along and looking forward to it. And while I’m away, I plan to think about what I want to write, where I want my life to go and how this blog is going to fit into that. Currently, I’m thinking of writing about things I haven’t mentioned up to now. We’ll see.

Tara for now!