SIM Talks


What are SIM Talks? (hashtag: #SIMTalksWithMiriam)

They’re nothing to do with SIM cards.

They don’t necessarily have anything to do with books, although a connection with books isn’t ruled out.

They are articles (or videos) on one of more of three topics, which have formed the basis of this blog since it was established:

  • Social anxiety
  • Israel
  • Misunderstandings

They will appear on this blog every Friday for however long I decide to continue the series.

If you want to contribute a post for the series, please let me know via Contact me above or Twitter or Facebook, after reading the rest of this post.

What can be in a post

  • A personal account
  • A fictional story
  • A historical account

What can’t be in a post

  • Politics
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Intolerance