Apr 2011

When you reach the end, start again.

I’ve been reading about acrostics here. And writing some:

  • Me?
  • My body relaxes to the pleasant,
    Undulating tones.
    Suddenly, a clash of cymbals, a burst of trumpets.
    Is something the matter?
    Calm returns with the strings.
  • Can I do it?
    Have I the stamina to stick to it for
    A whole month?
    Lovely idea, but is it possible for
    Little me?
    Every letter in the alphabet?
    Never skipping one? Not even X?
    Go for it!

Thank you for following my A to Z Challenge. I’ve enjoyed it.

(continued from yesterday)

Is life a zig-zag path, with many diversions but always leading to your destination?

Zig-Zag Path, Bournemouth

Yes – that’s it.

Please return tomorrow…

Is life a yoyo with its ups and downs, a game that we eventually lose when we can’t rise up any more?

Or… (continued tomorrow)

I’m ashamed to say that, despite having a degree in Maths, I remember very little of it now. But one thing I remember is that x is the first unknown factor in an equation.

In the equation of our lives, the unknown factor is the future. We don’t know what will happen to us. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to influence it. And somewhere in my future, I am going to make lots and lots of people aware of social anxiety.

I hope that starts soon … now?

What would you think if you saw a grown man hugging a teddy bear in a train? Would you think it was weird? What would you do about it?

I would think it was weird. I would wonder what problems this man has that cause him to do something most adults grew out of long ago. I certainly wouldn’t do anything. Why should I?

Someone in the train with this man hit the teddy in the face. The man burst out crying.

The man suffers from acute anxiety. In this case, his anxiety was intensified by the fact that the train was delayed at a station for nine minutes. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know enough to even attempt to understand. When his anxiety escalates, it comforts him to hug the teddy.

Why do people who don’t understand have to interfere? Why can’t they leave others alone?

I learned to play the violin when I was a child. I was quite good at it. I passed exams and became the leader of my school orchestra. I haven’t played for ages. Perhaps I should. It would be hard but enjoyable, I think.

If I’d got round to scanning in the photos I acquired recently, I could have posted one of me playing the violin. Time to get started on that, too.

Are there any activities you’d like to take up again?

“The best years of your life.” Is that how you view university? Wild parties? Getting drunk? Leaving studying for all-nighters?

That wasn’t my experience. But I still enjoyed my three years at uni. I was lucky enough to find some real friends for the first time in my life. I’m still in touch with them.

Many students with social anxiety have a terrible time at uni. I know that because I’ve been on social anxiety forums where they write about their troubles. They’re shunned by fellow students and spend their time alone in their rooms. They worry themselves sick when they have to give a presentation. Many of them drop out.

It seems such a shame. If only they could get some help, their university experiences would be infinitely better.

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